At work writingStriving to be authentic in the written word and exhibit a genuine quality lies in  touching the creative core of intelligence. I write about the arts, living, life lessons, spirituality, art, health and states of mind.

The formats I use are to blog, write poetry, short stories, and diverse educational material in my areas of expertise. Published in national journals, I also have 5 children’s books, and have received the Excellence in Patient Education Award (2006) from the University of Michigan.

Blogs and Short Writings

Encounter with a Master #3

It was night by the time I arrived and everyone was already at satsang, waiting for Satchidananda to arrive. It was a fourteen hour drive from Ann Arbor to Buckingham, Virginia. I had come to visit my sister, Vandana who was living the monastic life of a Swami in Yogaville, for a few days before […]