At work writingStriving to be authentic in the written word and exhibit a genuine quality lies in  touching the creative core of intelligence. I write about the arts, living, life lessons, spirituality, art, health and states of mind.

The formats I use are to blog, write poetry, short stories, and diverse educational material in my areas of expertise. Published in national journals, I also have 5 children’s books, and have received the Excellence in Patient Education Award (2006) from the University of Michigan.

Blogs and Short Writings

Realize and Breaking Through the Fear

February, 2016 So… I started this piece at the Chicago Mosaic School and put it aside for months. Last week I realized that there was fear connected to me not finishing it and decided to push through that – fear. What’s the fear??? Well it is an 18″x18″ piece that has to be filled with […]

Harmonizing with Spring

Spring is all about growth and change with agility and flexibility. Be creative in the way you decide to move around obstacles in your life – this will off-set the potential of frustration. As you envision personal goals keep them within your reach of possibilities. Do your chi kung stretches and enjoy the “springing” up […]

Striking a Balance – 1

As I was working on a piece I realized that when I moved into the thought pattern of wanting to make sure I was following the “rules” of the craft (i.e. flow of lines, proper integration of an element, etc) I began to feel like I was losing the artistic expression and becoming a bit […]

Text Message from the Divine

  Gazing to my left the sky showed signs of releasing its disdain for what laid below – and it was coming my way. Just behind me the sun blindingly thrashed back. The conditions were in sync for there to be a rainbow…. somewhere. My head turned in all directions as I sat waiting for […]

Destiny’s Truth

Rays of light break through the vapor, Glitters of light reach, stretch towards the rolling waves of the moment. Sit at the shore of destiny’s truth and walk on the shaky surface of faith. Touch the fragile wings of old and new Breathe in the promise of the next wave, that will briefly settle in […]