At work writingStriving to be authentic in the written word and exhibit a genuine quality lies in  touching the creative core of intelligence. I write about the arts, living, life lessons, spirituality, art, health and states of mind.

The formats I use are to blog, write poetry, short stories, and diverse educational material in my areas of expertise. Published in national journals, I also have 5 children’s books, and have received the Excellence in Patient Education Award (2006) from the University of Michigan.

Blogs and Short Writings

Adventures in Mom Care – God is Good

It was quite a morning Mom Care – good morning hug; Teeth in; coffee and NY Times; breakfast; (sometimes I open the her bedroom curtains and assist with making her bed); help her choose her clothes; assist with getting her in the shower with reminders for balance and turning off the water; do her hair; […]

Adventures in Mom Care – Way to go Mom!

Whenever my mom has a dementia “episode” it can be difficult. She feels the lose of memory and senses her mortality. The other day she woke up saying, in a soft voice, “I’m dying.” This sent a chill throughout my body. I had to wrestle with giving her space to feel her lose and wanting […]

Adventures in Mom Care – Surprise!

So let me start at the beginning… In July of 2016 I organized a family art show at Kerrytown Concert House. My mother – oil painting; Sister 1 – ceramics; Sister 2 – fabrics; and myself – mosaics. I felt a bit of urgency around pulling it together. It was well attended and quite successful. […]

Adventures in Mom Care – Sweetness that cuts to my soul

Every night, after hygiene tasks are accomplished and I tuck her in, I make sure all is in place, [phone off hook so the little red light does not disturb; surge protector that supplies the tv and cable box is off – so the updating flashing lights that happen in the middle of the night do […]