At work writingStriving to be authentic in the written word and exhibit a genuine quality lies in  touching the creative core of intelligence. I write about the arts, living, life lessons, spirituality, art, health and states of mind.

The formats I use are to blog, write poetry, short stories, and diverse educational material in my areas of expertise. Published in national journals, I also have 5 children’s books, and have received the Excellence in Patient Education Award (2006) from the University of Michigan.

Blogs and Short Writings

Playing in the Clouds

Of lately I have been developing a body of works in which I explore clouds in mosaics. This is different for me. I much prefer creating a piece and moving on to creating another – and they most likely will not be related other than in connection with personal growth. At the suggestion of my […]

Adventures in Mom – Mom Wisdom

We marveled at the smooth drive. The road was recently resurfaced and we glided along. About three miles down the road I made a left turn onto a patch quilt repaired street. It was quite bumpy. Notably contrasting I exclaimed to my mother, “Wow, this road is BUMPY!” She smiled and replied, “Yeah, that happens.” […]

Transitions and Rituals – 2

Transitions and Rituals 2 By Wasentha Young (an excerpt from her Meeting with the Masters short story) It was night by the time I arrived, and everyone was already at Satsang, waiting for Satchadananda to arrive.  It was a fourteen-hour drive from Ann Arbor to Buckingham, Virginia.  I had come to visit my sister, Vandana […]

Transitions and Rituals – 1

“Life Transitions are often marked with a ceremony or ritual. The very act creates a flow – a change in perspective and offers another vantage point.”  By Wasentha Young (an excerpt from her Meeting with the Masters short story) The blade, made of stainless steel, was inserted into the brass hand guard with two brass […]

Adventures in Mom – Take a load off

The Holidays have begun. Yesterday, Thanksgiving, I cooked [a marvelous meal I must say] for two guests and my mom. The morning was spent with prepping so everything would flow in the “cooking” arena. After a morning of mom and food prep again I found lunchtime staring me in the face and I had not […]