At work writingStriving to be authentic in the written word and exhibit a genuine quality lies in  touching the creative core of intelligence. I write about the arts, living, life lessons, spirituality, art, health and states of mind.

The formats I use are to blog, write poetry, short stories, and diverse educational material in my areas of expertise. Published in national journals, I also have 5 children’s books, and have received the Excellence in Patient Education Award (2006) from the University of Michigan.

Blogs and Short Writings

The Movement Forward

When you see that brick, rock, or pipe take a breath and do not react. Go to your center. Connect your mind with your heart, and your heart with what will nourish your soul. Move around that desire to act out the rage that has been festering. Respond instead by let go into the voice […]

Adventures in Mom Care – What’s in a Name

Today, I asked my mother at least 10 times what my name is and she stared for a bit and asked me to tell her – to which she responded, “yes, yes, Wasentha,” she said. After the tenth time, i decided to write my name and my sisters’ names down so the next time she […]

The Silliest Things Happen

I had to leave my house, running late, you know… Packing the necessary things into my bag, phone, headset, date book, glasses – all of them… distance, check – sunglasses, check – reading glasses… where the hell are my reading glasses. The scrambling around the house started. The longer I couldn’t find them the more […]

Adventures in Mom Care – Chipping Away

Some of you know that I am the sole caregiver for my mom who has vascular dementia. She is also a trained artist – one in the first class that came out of what is now called Art and Design in NYC. Back then it was called the School of Industrial Arts and offered training […]

Mosaics and Poetry

Two mosaic pieces – Crown of Glory and Artist’s Nyatiti Poem – Crystal Ball