The Silliest Things Happen

I had to leave my house, running late, you know… Packing the necessary things into my bag, phone, headset, date book, glasses – all of them… distance, check – sunglasses, check – reading glasses… where the hell are my reading glasses. The scrambling around the house started.

The longer I couldn’t find them the more anxious I became. Anyway, in my aging process , one things that works for me is to put the large items I need to remember in front of the door so I can’t open the door without picking them up. Taking a breath, I glanced over to the few items I had in front of the door… but I didn’t want to leave the house without my reading glasses.

A few more places to look… no glasses. Suddenly I realized that I really didn’t need them cause I was taking the day off from work and I could spend time looking for them later. GREAT! I’m out the door NOW. Grabbed my bag and bent over to pick up the larger items… PLOP – my glasses fell off of my head. LOL

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