Text Message from the Divine

rock and flower


Gazing to my left the sky showed signs of releasing its disdain for what laid below – and it was coming my way. Just behind me the sun blindingly thrashed back. The conditions were in sync for there to be a rainbow…. somewhere. My head turned in all directions as I sat waiting for the stoplight to change, hoping for the eye candy, but there was none and I sighed. Speaking aloud to some invisible force, I said, “it had been years since I’ve seen a rainbow,” and began to wonder if I ever will – remembering times when in Colorado driving through what seemed to be a quadruple doorways of colors and in Vermont finding myself standing on a bridge at the end of one and looked around for the pot of gold. In that moment right in front of me, just before the light changed, in the distance a rainbow faded in and in an instant faded out.

Peace and Love, Wasentha Young

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