Realize and Breaking Through the Fear

IMG_0606February, 2016

So… I started this piece at the Chicago Mosaic School and put it aside for months. Last week I realized that there was fear connected to me not finishing it and decided to push through that – fear. What’s the fear??? Well it is an 18″x18″ piece that has to be filled with a lot of very small tesserae – that means a lot of prep. It requires a lot of thinking through. It is an aspect of the craft that I am experimenting with, like how to express flow and softness along with static and bold. It is going to take a long time to complete. So often I want it “done” so I can move on to the next thing – a bit ADD I guess. 😉 I am taking a breath and committing to finishing. Poco a poco. This is w


here it was before I left the school and this is where it is now… We’ll see if it works… Anyway it is all an experiment. LOL





Completed June 2016

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  1. Your expression of hesitancy, if not fear, really hits home. I hope that your writing, your positivity in motivation, will push me to push myself. Thank you!
    I love this piece!

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