Mosaic Art

At work mosaic 1Artist Statement

The visceral quality of creating mosaic art excites my senses. It is the rise and fall of the hammer over the hardy, getting the intended and unintended shapes and the almost lyrical/rhythmic way the pieces come together in artistic creation.

My creative subjects explore the forces that propel me in life’s changes, experiences in nature, and transpersonal reflections. Solid and ridged by nature, working with foraged rocks and elements as well as acquired glass and diverse materials is an enjoyable challenge. As such, over the years, I have developed a unique style of expression that embraces transformation, power, and graceful movement with use of these materials.

Mosaics, as a fine art, is relatively new. As this artform developed primarily in the Persian, North African, Mexican, and South American regions understanding its complexities in history, techniques and styles is based in finding the right resources and knowledge base. I continue to develop my mosaic techniques through study with internationally renowned master instructors, mosaic focused travel, understanding my materials, and working on thematic exhibits. My current, in progress, body of works – Clouds.

My educational travels have taken me to Spain, Greece and from Pompeii (BC Roman mosaics) to Ravenna (home of Byzantine and contemporary mosaics), Italy. During my travels to Italy I interviewed Paolo Racagni and Marco De Luca, and at the Chicago Mosaic School (CMS) workshops with Verdiano Marzi and Toyoharu Kii  in my view, four of the most renowned instructors and pioneers in contemporary mosaic art who graduated from the Institute of Art in Ravenna, Italy.

I have taught at the Ann Arbor Art Center and Copper Colored Mountain Art Center, and have had solo exhibits of my work at the Kerrytown Concert House.

Artistic Mosaic Services

Fine Art
Creative, contemporary mosaics with classical Italian and Roman andamento (flow of lines). Exhibits and internet sales.

Lecturing/Teaching on methods, styles and history of mosaic art.

Designs with you in mind.

Offering knowledge-based expertise in design, technique, and proper indoor/outdoor materials.


Whether you’d like a contemporary piece of mosaic art; an installation that will accent your mantle; a brilliant indoor/outdoor mosaic replication of a business logo; or would like advise on how to work with mosaics on your own—you will find me to be a creative and knowledgeable resource.  Brochure

Value Considerations

Let’s look at what it takes to create a piece of mosaic work:

Design, choosing the correct substrate and adhesives, preparing the surface and cutting pieces contribute to the value of the piece.

Depending on the intricacy of the design, placing an area of 2” x 4” with 1/4” squares—hand cut —can take up to 1.5 hours. Using pre-cut materials may take less time.
A range of materials such as marble, stone, glass, shell, porcelain, tiles, semi-precious stones, and even found objects can be incorporated.

Ordering materials and waiting for deliveries can add to the length of time it may take to complete a project.

The final piece will last a lifetime.

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