Presentations, Retreats, and Exhibits

Presenting 2Wasentha has expertise in diverse practices (Tai Chi, Meditation, Energy work, Writing, Art) that focus on a connection with nature, centering in self-care and human nature. She lectures as a keynote speaker, offers retreats, helps individuals move into a place of strength, harmony and well-being, and exhibits her mosaic art nationally..

Keynote Presentations

Aging Gracefully

Reducing Stress for Your Patients

The Fine Art of Contemporary Mosaics

Winning in Life



Invoking Imagery

Grasping the Sparrow’s Tail

Harmony of Energy

The Way of Caring


Museum of Biblical Art – TX

Kerrytown Concert House – MI

Birmingham/Bloomfield Art Center – MI

Gallery for Contemporary Mosaic Art – IL

Yellow Brick Road – CA

Birmingham/Bloomfield Art Center – MI 

Granville Performing Arts Center – TX

Copper Colored Mountain Art Center – MI