Adventures in Mom Care – Chipping Away

Some of you know that I am the sole caregiver for my mom who has vascular dementia. She is also a trained artist – one in the first class that came out of what is now called Art and Design in NYC. Back then it was called the School of Industrial Arts and offered training far beyond high school level,

While living with me – from time-to-time she has offered me advise as to how to develop artistically. One of the most valuable pieces of advise has been for me to pick a theme and explore it throughly.

Yesterday, I gave her some chips. For at least a half hour I watched her lay the chips out playing with the lines (ruffle potato chips). I decided to not tell her not to play with her food. She lined them up vertically, in size and shape… Every now and again I would glance over and notice that something was happening – maybe it was going to be a person – when I saw the round one was at the highest point.

Much to my surprise – I looked over and saw this…

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