Adventures in Mom – Take a load off

The Holidays have begun. Yesterday, Thanksgiving, I cooked [a marvelous meal I must say] for two guests and my mom. The morning was spent with prepping so everything would flow in the “cooking” arena. After a morning of mom and food prep again I found lunchtime staring me in the face and I had not even gotten to eat breakfast, shower and dress. Of course she and I were hungry, so I made lunch.

We ate and as she sat comfortably in her chair with comb and brush in hand, I recited a list of things that I still needed to achieve before doing her hair…  First I have to empty the garbage, then clean off my art table, then, and then, and then… She calmly listened and then said, “U-huh, why don’t you have a seat.” I stared at her, blinking and asked if she heard what I had just said; followed by my list monologue again. She calmly listened and with a glint in her eyes said, “U-huh, and I said, why don’t you have a seat?”

We laughed really hard and I sat down for a few minutes before starting round two.

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