Adventures in Mom Care – God is Good

It was quite a morning

Mom Care – good morning hug; Teeth in; coffee and NY Times; breakfast; (sometimes I open the her bedroom curtains and assist with making her bed); help her choose her clothes; assist with getting her in the shower with reminders for balance and turning off the water; do her hair; and by the time all that is finished – mind you I’m not even dressed yet – it is time to prepare lunch.

This morning she leaned on the counter between the kitchen and the dining area, while I was doing the dishes, and said, “God is good”.

I was dumbfounded and then replied with a smile, “Yes God is good and I’m doing all the work.” We both stared at each other and in that moment I had an A-hah and continued, “I guess that’s what is meant by ‘doing God’s work’.” We both laughed real hard.

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