About Wasentha Young

Art, writing, tai chi and chi kung,  these forms of contemplation and awakening practices have inspired Wasentha throughout her life’s journey.  Although art has been a part of her life from childhood, most recent, mosaics became a prominent medium inspired by her travels to Spain, Greece, and Italy. Writing – poetry, journaling and short stories – became Wasentha’s companion where the spoken word fell short of expressing feelings and process. A practitioner since 1968, tai chi and chi kung have been vehicles for intuitive growth, transformation and integration.

In her young adulthood, Wasentha resided in the communities which immersed her in the traditional practices of Buddhism, Taoism, and Shamanic disciplines. Having studied with prominent teachers of the Yang Style Short form and chi kung in this country, she is the founding director and master instructor of the Peaceful Dragon School, Ann Arbor, MI. In addition, she has a master’s degree in Transpersonal Studies.

Wasentha shares her in-depth knowledge of these spiritual, energy, creative and physical practices through classes and workshops to help nurture the human spirit, promote health, and foster respect for the balance between nature and human life. She is published, exhibits her art and keynote speaks at private events, conferences and retreats centers. Among some of the businesses she has serviced are the: University of Michigan (MHealthy, School of Public Health, and School of Education); UM Health System (Program for Multicultural Health, and Integrative Medicine); Omega Institute; American Association of University Women; Ann Arbor Art Center; Ministry Door County Medical Center; and the National Institute for the Application of Behavioral Medicine.


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