Mosaic Art

At work mosaic 1There is something deeply compelling about creating mosaic art; the visceral experience of cutting stone and glass, the creativity of expression, and “hearing” the andamento of lines and shapes. It drives and propels my desire to learn more; learn more about about mosaic history and the principles that govern its expression and to share that knowledge. I  exhibit, have taught mosaics at the Ann Arbor Art Center and Copper Colored Mountain Art Center, and completed the coursework (15+ courses – 40 hours each) as part of the Chicago Mosaic School (CMS) Certificate Program with only a research paper to complete.

As a first generation of mosaic artists who have taken a traditional approach in the study of mosaic arts in the USA, I have been broadening and developing my knowledge and artistic development under the tutelage of some of the finest teachers in the art afforded through the CMS since 2006 and abroad. This fortune has allowed for me a focus in classical and contemporary mosaics as a major artistic study primarily on this continent. In December 2015 I immersed myself in mosaics will on a trip to Italy where I experienced mosaics from BC to contemporary.  I have had the opportunity to interview Paolo Racagni and Marco De Luca and studied with Verdiano Marzi, three of the most renowned instructors who graduated from the Institute of Art in Ravenna, Italy. Both historically and in technical methods my mosaic art has developed a unique style of expression that embraces transformation, power, grace, and uses of materials.


Piece by Piece

Pieces, so many pieces
Life moments
Stardom potential – of constellations
Refining in time
An image is revealed.
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A Few Mosaic Art Pieces